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Photographing Death Valley


Photographing Death Valley provides photographers with an almost endless array of landscapes. Over the past three years my wife and I have visited several National Parks on the western side of the United States  and each has been spectacular.   This past winter while in Arizona we did road trip with one of our long time friends and spent some […]

Joshua Tree National Park


Joshua Tree National Park is an amazing place.  Rugged, tranquil and picturesque are just a few of the words I can think of to describe this interesting place.  Located in California a few hours drive from the central pacific coast this is yet another of the National Parks in the United States that deserves the protection and preservation associated with National Park […]

Market Day Santa Fe

ParrySound-photographer-travel-photography-Market-day-in-Santa Fe-2016_004

Market Day Santa Fe.  When visiting new places one sure bet for finding interesting things and people is to make a trip to the local market place.  While on a road trip through Northern New Mexico my better half, our friend Astrid and I spent a some time in Santa Fe and on one Saturday […]

Exploring Santa Fe


Exploring Santa Fe.  We love to travel and experience new places so while in Arizona last winter we took a road trip with our friend Astrid, and visited New Mexico. During that trip we sent some time in Santa Fe and it quickly became one of the highlights of our road trip. With its distinctive […]

Quirky Madrid NM


Quirky Madrid NM. You bettcha! If you are ever traveling from Albuquerque to Santa Fe, New Mexico and you want to experience some thing just a tad out of the norm,  get off  the interstate, slide on over to the Turquoise Trail and take some time to explore the tiny community of Madrid. With a […]

A Really Grand Canyon


This past winter one of my better half’s sisters flew into Phoenix for a visit.  While there are many sites to see and explore in Arizona, the Grand Canyon remains one of the most iconic so we headed north for an overnight trip to exploring parts of the canyon’s south rim. The canyon area is […]

Night Photography in Santa Fe, NM with a Fuji x100s


Night photography in Santa Fe, NM with a Fuji x100s gave me an opportunity to marvel at this little mirror less camera’s ability to capture great, hand held, no flash, low light, images while documenting the western feel of this wonderful city. In March my better half and I, and a friend, explored parts of […]

Family time with Barrett Jackson


Family time with Barrett Jackson.  Yes it works, especially if a couple of the family members are really, really, into cool cars, and son Mike and Grandson David surely fit into this category! This was our second year visiting the famous Barrett Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona and again it did not disappoint.  Lots of […]

Canal Convergence in Scottsdale Arizona


Canal Convergence in Scottsdale Arizona on February 25, 26 and 27 was amazing display of public art.  The creative works of art on and around the canal system in downtown Scottsdale came to life after twilight with thousands of lights that brought a festive, magical, mood to the already bustling pathways and hip restaurants patios, […]

Artsy Scottsdale AZ


Last winter we had fun exploring some of Arizona’s cultural extremes. In one 24 hour period we saw Alice Cooper perform at the Ostrich Festival and then experienced Artsy Scottsdale. This winter we are back exploring more of what Arizona has to offer and we will be sharing some of our experiences with you from […]