Event Photography at the Mortario Cup

Doing event photography at the Mortario Cup was a lot of fun.  Last July we did some work for Merix Financial and their CEO and Founder, Boris Bozic, who hosted the 2016 version of the Mortario Cup at one of Muskoka’s premier resorts, Rocky Crest Golf Resort.

The Mortario Cup

The Mortario Cup is an annual event that brings together over twenty of the top CEOs and entrepreneurs from the mortgage industry for two days of fellowship and friendly competition on the links. Over the years participants from the Red and Blue teams have developed a fierce, but friendly rivalry. This past July the two day event culminated in Dinner of Champions in the Clubhouse Gazebo at Rocky Crest and Boris and the Blue Team were awarded the Mortario Cup for 2016.

This was the second time we have photographed this event. The previous occasion was a few years before  at the Ridge at Manitou Golf Club, near Parry Sound, when the Red team hosted the event.

I think you will be able to tell from the images below that everyone who attended had a great time.


Boris and the guys like to create a splash in their bright orange blazers!



The Champions Dinner in the Clubhouse Gazebo at Rocky Crest was the culmination of the two day event.





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