Baby we’re having a BABY – Brian & Shannon

Baby we’re having a Baby! Brian and Shannon are having a BABY! These two Parry Sound residents are super excited that they are about to have their first child! The baby is due on September 1, 2017, Labour Day in Canada! Fitting don’t you think!

Brian as Shannon are the brains and energy behind Parry Sound’s premier food truck – “Moose on the Loose!”  Brian is a chef extraordinaire.  His culinary skills have developed an ardent following amongst Parry Sound residents and visitors alike. If you haven’t checked out the Moose on the Loose offerings – do so! I promise you won’t be sorry.  This summer one of their most exciting culinary hits has been the “preggo poutine!”

Since it is about 3 weeks before this lovely couple is expecting their baby we recently got together at our studio on the shores on Portage Lake in McDougall, a few minutes north of Parry Sound. We worked together for about an hour and captured a selection of images outdoors as well as in our studio.

Those of you who know this couple well, will know that they are just a tad eclectic! If you look closely at the image of ninth image below, the most observant of you will note that the Y in “Baby” is off kilter. We opted to leave it that way vs. correcting it in post editing as we felt it reflects these two perfectly!!!!

A few of the images from our session are posted below. We hope you enjoy them!

baby we're having a baby

We're Having a Baby! brian and shannon

We're having a baby  



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