Kristen and Mike’s Grand Tappattoo Wedding

Kristen and Mike’s Grand Tappattoo Wedding on June 24th was a wonderful celebration of love, family, and friendship.  Surrounded by friends and relatives from Scotland, the Maritimes, Chicago and more, the ceremony took place along the shore of Otter Lake,  just a few miles south of Parry Sound.

Celtic Theme

In keeping with the couples strong Scottish and Irish heritage the event had a strong Celtic theme.  Kilts, swords and a piper all added to the Celtic theme, as did the part of the ceremony where the mothers bound the newly wedded couples hands.

Wonder Woman and Superman

As I got to know Kristen and Mike I came to think of them as Wonder Woman and Super Man. Read on and you will see why!

Kristen has Doctorate and is involved in veterinary research, She has provided veterinary service in rural parts of Africa and while at university spent several summers being dropped off by helicopter in remote parts of western Canada to plant trees.

Mike, a welder by trade, spends his days working with steel.  He was a personal trainer in Newfoundland when Kristen met him. She was looking for a personal trainer to help her boost her already strong physical abilities and Mike agreed to fit her into his busy work load. His quiet confidence, romantic nature and innate sense of knowing what to do at just the right moment worked their magic with Kristen.

A few months after meeting it became clear to both of Kristen and Mike that they were a perfect match for each other, with each providing necessary ying to the others yang.  Kristen expressed this best during her reception speech when she described how at moments when she was stressed to the limit with deadlines and other pressures, Mike would sweep in and dance with her knowing, in a sixth sense sort of way, that was exactly what she needed at that specific moment in time.

Check out some of the images below from Kristen and Mike’s wedding day and I think you will get a good sense of what I mean about this couple.


GrandTappattoo Wedding-Bayshorephotography_0011


A very Celtic feel for this wedding!




Happy mothers!

A Grand Tappattoo wedding outdoor ceremony makes a great setting.





Sword, plaid and white roses – great wedding details for a Celtic wedding.


A Grand Tappattoo wedding can have some awesome backdrops for wedding day pictures.


Mike and the guys run for their lives!!!


Mike’s Wonder Woman Bride would give Lucy Lawless a run for her money!


Mike is true romantic with an awesome sense of timing!

Kristen painted special bird portraits for each table!

Recognizing Kristen’s background in veterinary science Mike’s sister and co-master of ceremonies brought a lamb to the reception.

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